Sunset with a new friend brings me excitement for my next chapter

I love people. Today I got to spend time with a new person who has captured my attention for a while. I really enjoy now, how I am able to differentiate between people who I am interested in, versus those who I tolerate.

We got together to walk an arboretum …

CSS Workaround to rename the "ungrouped" title in TreeTabs browser extension

I love TreeTabs. I've been using verticle nesting tabs for years. Because of Firefox's change to WebExtension crap I have had to switch to TreeTabs. It's pretty great, but I have some gripes and this post is how to fix one of the worst: How to rename the "ungrouped" group to something else.

Goodbye support group

I am leaving Massachusetts again. For many reasons I now live in a van and stay where it is warm. This should be the first year I am able to spend the entire winter in the south, ideally never touching cold weather at all. I am very excited to get …

Context is Queen

Context is everything. Context is the distance between everything.

Right now you have a certain way of framing the world, a certain perception of how everything works, a certain window if you will, on the world. This is your context. Everyone has their own context. Their own window on the …

I sold my old car!

Finally, I sold the car I should have sold 2 years ago after getting Vanessa.

The end of summer recap

I have been in Massachusetts for a very long time. In this post I think I'll recap as much as I can before I get tired of writing.

I originally came back in January to deal with some medical stuff. That switfly turned into a total overall of my year …

Kitchen building, day 1

I am finally building a kitchen unit in my van!

So, I decided to do a fun thing and put the stove in a drawer. This way I don't ruin my countertop and space with a dumb looking thing. I am using an old large stainless steel mixing bowl for …

I am free!

The house sale is over. I am done. Hasn't fully set in, but I am very happy to get back to my own life.

Stopping obsessive thoughts, another hopeful rant

On the internet, someone asked about how to stop obsessive thoughts and I went on a rant. So I figured I would share the outcome here. Sure some of it is repeat, but always a new way of saying the same thing.

The weight I feel

Today I am feeling just how heavy all the important things are in life. The responsibility I could take on should I choose to. And this is a good feeling.

When I am at my happiest it seems I am eager to take on the responsibilities of life. I am …

We have a buyer for the house!

On Saturday last week someone put in an offer. After a quick we settled on a price. A week later we agreed on a terms sheet!

So I never forget

Four times now in the last four years I have gone on this horrible cycle of staying on hormones for 8 months or so, then falling off the trail. This means four times I have learned this lesson.

When I start hating expression, my hormones are off balance

This time …

Amanda Palmer - In My Mind

In shaded glory