Visualizing a feud between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

I dreamt a very dream. In which I had to get this tattooed above my belly button. I was very proud of it in my dream before I actually looked at it. The absurdity of the image is what woke me. haha.

Vanessa got a little bit prettier

A couple of days ago I finally got around to putting up the fabric I got. Here are some pictures!

The headliner fabric is being held to the ceiling with straight sewing pins stuck right into the rigid foam insulation.

The puzzle was up there from before, but I think …

Surrender Rain

I wrote this song in 2012 and 2013. It was my attempt at expressing my acceptance of the story I must live.

CSS Testing Page

  1. Make this page showing off all the styles
  2. Update the styles to have better abstractions DRY!
  3. Marvel in all its glory
  4. Sleep it off.

This page is dedicated to me testing out all the features of this website. I despised html and css for a long time. So this is …

Open Mic Poetry 2

I blend nearly all the time, especially since I starting wearing really femme stuff. 3 years hrt, laser, and eyebrow dedication phew.

So I went to this poetry open mic thing today. I went last month too and read something trans related. I don't mention it explicitly but I think …

This Moment In Mine

~2012. My first attempt at expressing the emotions behind processing my gender dysphoria. Each section took a couple of months to write. So each movement chronicles another chapter of my progress through accepting what I am.

I also have another recording from 4 years ago. Check it out here

A short intentional poem for open mic Poetry

a swirling visage,
trapped within my gaze,
drowns out the voices

the window remains frosted,
an effervescent stream
screams out from the abyss

face pressed against the glass,
at least now visible.

Cockpit light Update

I got around to updating my cockpit light!


Bending really cheap wire I got from a closing radioshack!


I drew this a long time ago. No date. It is still apropriate to me today.

I installed a new cockpit light in Vanessa

It's too bright, which means I get to have more fun!

The bird atop the pole

Today I was driving down 75 East towards Miami. On the long stretch of flat, straight highway, plains on the left, jungle on the right, there wasn't much to keep you interested.

Atop these tall white lamp posts there were regularly speckled birds. Simply standing there. However this one pole …

I fixed the charging port on my bluetooth speaker!

So, I accidentally pulled my speaker away while it was plugged in and damaged the charging port. Doh! Classic. So I went off on a journey to fix it.

First, I tried to use electrical tape, hoping I could get the pressure back on some of the contacts. That didn't …

I got a new license today!

A week before I left on my trip, I looked up what it would take to get my gender marker changed in Massachusetts. And it is surprisingly easy. All you have to do is fill out a form and go to the DMV. You need a medical professional to vouch …