A peek inside the Line Rider community

Somehow I found a Line Rider video that was fun, which sent me into a small dive of the Line Rider community. WTF. Amazing that such a long, healthy, creative, explorative community built around this game. I had no fucking clue.

Watch the top 10 lines of 2016, then watch …

Jim Carrey - Let the armor go

Risk being seen, in all of your glory.

New drawers for Vanessa!

My wonderful friend helped me install new drawers in Vanessa. Totally maximizing some of the space in the rear beneath my bed. I am super excited about them.

The left side, which is empty for now, will hold a removable plastic drawer storage solution. This is so I can continue …

Vanessa's brakes are fixed!

I finally did it. I found the people and got them to fix the brake lines. I am very happy about that. I realize my original estimates of repair costs were extreme. That's partly because the mechanic I found I trust most is at a dealership. Partly because I am …

The slow crawl of recovery

You knew this wouldn't be easy. You knew it had a chance of breaking you. Not everyone can even acknowledge or discover what they need to change. But you did. And then you fell. Again. And again.

If you get a bruise you can expect that to heal quickly. Break …

Modern Stoics

Such is the modern stoics claim
They've' evolved past emotional pain
Turn circles on all who pass
to force their logic down
until we care and admit we're wrong.

I updated my build process to save 2gb of space lol

So I'm on a roll huh? Avoiding all the important stuff and working on my website too much... Well, when I'm stuck in bed because I hurt it's better than gaming or binge watching. I should finally internalize that. Anyway.

Until now, I had a folder that held the raw …

On burning memorabilia

As part of van life, I had to purge most of my stuff. I never had a overload of stuff but I still had plenty to get rid of. Of course, the hardest things to get rid of were my old memorabilia. But that is going to change on Sunday.

Minor improvements to the website

At least I'm not playing video games -_-

  • Added per category archives (yay plugins!)
  • fixed archives bug (faulty logic!)
  • changed url scheme (why!? o.c.d.)
  • fixed footer on pages with minimal content (yup)
  • fixed minor render bugs in sidebar (sweet jesus face)

I'm leaving Reddit

I don't know why I'm writing about this here. I'm mostly whining right now. But I am unplugging from reddit. Why do I need it? Yes sometimes I get internet strangers responding to my vents/rants, but so what...

I am avoiding my life right now. I am avoiding my …

Update on Vanessa's brakes

I went to another mechanic to ask for quotes about the things my other mechanic suggested. OF course they're willing to do for less, but I'm concerned. I really need to get on this if I'm going to leave for the winter. And yet I'm trolling along like the sun …

Life is Love, Love is Blind, Blind we go through life.

This was a phrase I vomited during high school. I don't know if I really like it. It may be forcing too much. But humor me and explore what this could mean.

Am I right to keep those I love at a distance?

Last night I was lying in bed, mulling over my social life. How limited it is. How limited I keep it. And how I plan to manage the relationships in my life already. Why do I do this to myself?