Amongst the waves

Swallow hard, breathe, now hold.
The tide is shifting and you are ready. 
Swelling, not only inside, 
your eyes are wide open this time.

Swayed not by the crash nor pulled by the tow.
For a moment lament the strength you now hold.
Not too long ago you'd have …

Crescent Shore Park [set]

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Fort Matanzas National Park

Wow this was cool. Not only is this a strange place, they have a free boat ride over the river and a tour guide to tell you some cool stuff about it.

Matanzas is apparantly a word for slaughters. So there is a whole region here in Florida named after …

Matanzas Inlet, ~ St Augustine [set]

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Fort Caroline Park

I found this very interesting. Not only have they never located the actual Fort Caroline, the place is presented rather starkly. I felt a general, yup, we killed people a lot vibe which I haven't felt at other memorials/parks like this. None the less it was an interesting walk …

Reddie Point, Jacksonville [set]

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A wild day, and meeting new people

Today I woke up and I recorded the sunrise. I am hoping to make a timelapse out of it. Hard process when you've never done it before. Of course the hardest part being settings, and not making it go fast 😝

Calling in the alarm

While watching the sunrise I heard …

St Augustine Bridge of Lions [rise]

I have been really getting into sunrise lately. First time recording the whole thing and trying to do a time lapse.

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Jacksonville Beaches [rise]

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Transgender Day of Rememberance

Tonight I went to an event at University of North Florida campus. My frist Transgender Day of Rememberance (TDOR).

Jacksonville Florida has had the most murders in one city this year. Four trans women have been killed here out of the 28 total in the country.

Whenever I would come …

Catching up on writing

I have not written as much or kept up for a few weeks now. Why? Why might you ask? Because it's been FUCKING COLD.

I am in Jax and it's still too cold. What the hell.

I really want to catch up on my past events. Capture the lingering emotions …

Priorities :: Avoidance

Priorities. This morning I am surrounded. Their chattering cackle drowning me in cacophony. The din begging me to answer the question: Who are you?

Dammit, why does it always boil down to that question?

Finding Anger

It is time I find anger again. I hate to say it. And I hate anger. I don't like it, I don't like feeling it, and I have been pretty good at not needing it for a long time.

I have known for some time I need anger. For years …