I wore a dress again :)

So I rarely ware dresses. Mostly because I am still not ready to conquer self expression. However today I was told by my brother I should put on a "nice shirt" for dinner with him and my grandmother. I spent a minute searching my freshly laundered clothing before realizing. Wait …

Alpacas in Lancaster, PA

I saw Alpacas with my bro and grandmother. One of the babes nibbled on my fingers :)

Reading "The Fault in our Stars"

The fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves.

So much of what I'm learning is that it's okay for me to love, to be loved, and to feel worthy of it all.

I once believed so strongly I did not deserve to be me. Because I have always …

Sunset in abandoned warehouse

We walked through an abandoned warehouse and caught the sunset in my photosensitive electronics. Look 0.0

The definition of hope

Today was not great, but tomorrow might be!

I wish I could remember who suggested this be the definition of hope. Likely Brene Brown. However this image has been adorable and helpful for me.

How you get to that point of believing tomorrow might be better, will probably take a …

Movie Night: The Exiles

Pocahontas reframed. The Exiles, about Native Americans in LA during 1961. What a crazy theater.

Harper's Ferry with a friend

I spent two days with a friend camping at a place called Harper's Ferry riht on the border of Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. It was too cold, and too much, but it was worth it. Just look at the sweet photos!

pain is not pleasure

I hate this title. As much as I want to rage about how I would never want to experience pain during sexy times, I'll bet I don't fully understand what it really means to give in to those acts.

Nonetheless, FUCK PAIN. I spent my entire life in shame, humiliation …

York PA

Today was wild. I couldn't sleep and woke up so early. So I tried to go watch the sunrise at this nearby hilltop park thing. No sunrise, but I found a strange little park in northern York.

It was hunting season in this park, but as I learned from a …

Reading, PA

I woke slow today. Way too much yesterday. I wasn't moving until noon. Ugh. But I found a road called skyline drive with public land. So I went.

Atop the ridge was a fire tower. There I spoke with Mike for a while, a retired navy vet with a hobby …

Surprise! Spent the day in Delaware Water Gap

Today I kinda pushed myself too much. But I guess I was determined to make something of this trip. Anyway, a friend suggested I see the Delaware Water Gap, confusingly, in Pennsylvania/New Jersey.

I stopped at the Pennsylvania welcome center for info and I just went on. I saw …

First day, first encounter, feeling good

Quick story about the universe.

I stopped at a rest stop for a break. After being there for almost an hour, after a rest and phone call, a jeep pulled up next to me. The occupants got out trying to fix their head light. IT was pretty busted. The whole …

Trip 4: The Fall

Today I finally departed for my next trip in Vanessa! Took way too long, but after support from my kith and kin I am off.

This trip I should still make it down to Florida again, but I must return in January. That's the sad part. So this is really …