This NH cop was nice.

I am on the phone with my friend, topless, not wearing a seatbelt.

I take the exit off the highway to the small town area where I will be staying. A police cruiser sits off the side of the road, plainly visible. Feeling brash, I make no effort to hide the fact that I'm on the phone.

Yes, he follows me and pulls me over xD

June's end Sunsets

Look inside for sunset pictures from the last week or so.

Revisiting an old place.

I accidentally fell asleep in a McDonald's parking lot. Doh! I was woken by the police at 3:30... sigh, might as well drive all the way to the ocean for the sunrise!

Returning Home.

Today I returned home. I had planned to go right through but I was feeling so good I figured I would stop and do the family thing. Just not spend the night there. So off I am to get into it.

I was super happy this morning. I got a …

Rolling into MA and Mount Greylock.

Today I crossed the line into MA. Following the same route I took home when I first bought Vanessa over a year ago.

The drive through the mountains to get to MA produced very little emotional response in me. I was kinda excited by this. I am so present that …

My time in the Catskills

Killer. I felt like seeing more mountains since my Virginia visit. So I planned this stop at the Katskills. I was even willing to PAY for a campground night! Woah. First time I paid for a place to sleep this whole trip.

Every step, things fall into place faster. Like approaching the end of a puzzle. The fewer pieces left, the quicker they go in. I can't wait to see what happens when I get home.

If only I could recover

If ever I thought I could be here, I trusted the fact that it would only happen should I allow myself to. Letting go. Imagining a possible future and the steps to reach it.

I ask myself this a lot:

If someone like me -- in all my traumas, fucked-up-ness, hurdles, intelligences, talents, gifts -- were to recover, to find their whole self, what would it look like?

This question has led me for years now. I trust it. Maybe you will too.

Bristol PA, and the people you meet.

I'm cramming two days into one here. What a wild rollercoaster ride. On my way north through Pennsylvania, with no real plan, I was hungry. I saw a sign for a diner on the highway. I got off and followed said signs. It got weird and awesome after that.

Gap in posting due to challenges programming

I, wanted to implement some more features on this site, and amidst my social time here, I failed to complete them, or even get close. So I reverted.

I am leaving tomorrow. So expect a recap post of my time here in Maryland in a day or so.

My time in Elkton MD

So I guess I'm beginning to share where I am now. Getting tiresome to try to hide it. And you may also notice that I backdate posts to the day things happen, rather than the day I write. Regardless.

Holy heck was my time in Maryland awesome, affecting, powerful.

90 days in Vanessa.

I have been on the road for 90 days in Vanessa! I wanted to try to write some words about the experience from this context.

Surprise visit from a new friend

I have been staying with a friend of mine in MD, whom I met at a courthouse in MA, who lived in NH, from two years ago. This afternoon I got a text from a new friend I met earlier this week saying she was in town.

Baltimore MD with a new friend

Every day is a thing now huh. Every day is, exciting. Every day I feel better and better. I spent two days in Baltimore MD with a new friend. Someone I met on a social media site purely for the sake of hanging out with another trans person. I am so happy this worked out.

Yesterday, we got sushi, and I made a gaff for them. Tonight we went for a boat ride in the bay, walked up a hill as the sun's light faded, then walked all the way back to their place, stopping for a beer.