Is Vanessa dead?

I got word from my mechanic about my brake fluid leak. It is catastrophic. Vanessa needs over $4,000 of repairs. I only got one year and three months out of her. Not the two I had hoped for.

I can hardly process this right now. I feel it's over …

Injection day.

Last injection post I swear.

But make no mistake I'm still writing about it. I will merely stop bothering you with it. It won't get anymore interesting. But I did it. Fourth time sticking my leg with a needle. By the end of the day I began feeling better. It …

Testing script update for Pelican project

I finally had the focus to rework the testing script for this project. Let me tell you what I did. OKAY!?!

Tomorrow I have an appointment about pain management

In Vanessa next to Fenway Park for another night and another doctor appointment. I'm comforted by the aloneness. My trip with my friend was amazing for me to experience, but in many ways only confirmed how much alone time I need.

My appointment tomorrow is to talk about pain management …

Pelican Config Consolidation

So in my updates to the script I also wanted to hide my config files behind a folder because it feels nice when things are clean. This caused a hiccup or two. Let me tell you what I did. OKAY!?! ugh

Vanessa is leaking brake fluid

HaHAhahaHaHaha. OMG. Perfect. So the brake light came on beeping at us mid day. After thorough investigation I discovered a leak in the rear brake lines. A junction box of some kind is so corroded it's leaking. Well that's my guess.

After considerable research I threw some more fluid in …

Coming home from the eclipse

Phew. Woke up in Jersey to the sound of employees kicking us out. Slowly work our way out. We visit a cemetery for Evan and the local bakery his family goes to when they visit family. Then we drove up through NY into CT then back to MA.

Vanessa's drive belt update

For a couple days now we've dealt with a squeaky belt. It is no surprise the belt it likely too loose.

The belt doesn't always squeal. Sometimes it does when we first start the engine. Sometimes only after raising the RPMs. Most of the time it is light and goes …

Open mic night at the same place from four months ago

We went to an open mic! It was a smaller crowd, but I felt way better.

I said some things and played some simple shit. I had little to no anxiety. It was nice. I told them how I had first performed here a few months ago and I've still …

I fixed Vanessa's pulley and belt ^_^

What a trip. The part came in. I found out there was a small tire change shop that does minimal repairs right across the street. Easy enough to boot up Vanessa and spill over. Let's see if they'll lend us the tools.

I walk over to the tire place. Ask …

First injection entirely on my own

So I did it. I stuck myself alone. The whole process made me feel so unbelievably calm. Knowing this is all I must do for two weeks has made such an impact on my life.

I am so happy about this. Injections give me power against my pain even if …

Solar Eclipse

This is a two segment piece. I am writing before the eclipse and after.

I want this day to mean something. Even though I already know what it means I hope I can find some event/memory/feeling I can hold to while I watch. I may be asking too …

Stuck in NC, Vanessa's parts are coming

In lieu of another day of questions, I opted to order a part through a local parts store. I didn't want to wait until monday for the chance that a dealership or junkyard had the part only to find I had to order the part anyway. So I ordered it …