The Bra Police is real; My friend is a prophet

Yesterday, while thinking about informing the police of our stranded situation I considered dressing up in case the police show up. I don't need to intentionally call attention to my transness so why not femme up? My friend thought I was over thinking it and went on a joke:

An idler pulley shattered and threw my drive belt. YAY!

What a fucking day. First, the A/C just fails. After leaking something through the floor vents for a couple days, the A/C just stops pushing cold air. Leak? Compressor? Fuck.

Then, minutes later we take a tight turn and suddenly the van doesn't want to turn. We pull …

Tipping points. Have I crossed the most important one?

Today I felt privy to another tipping point, or at least noticing one. I really appreciate tipping points because they often are markers for when reality shifts. Often a lot of hard work and time finally hit as a tipping point. Often you don't see them coming and sometimes don't …

Sunrise and Virginia Beach

This was a freaking day. Finally getting settled together. We began in Ocean City Maryland and ended in Virginia Beach. Read about the day and look at pics!

First full day together

I'm surprised at myself. So far traveling with someone else with me has been easier than I though. Kinks still to be smoothed out but I'm not shy or reserved at all. So, what did we get up to?

We awoke somewhere in New York. We found a great shaded …

Off to the eclipse

gallery eclipse-day-1

I am leaving today to go see the eclipse. I am bringing a friend with me I've known for over twenty years. My first trip with another person. For at least two weeks will drive about 2000 miles.

Words truly can't describe how excited I am for this. I am giving my friend the power over this trip. All I care about is the eclipse. Whatever else we do is mostly him.


Today I see a whole new world. With self worth, acceptance, love.

Today, I got a reply from an attractive trans guy on a dating site. He's only in town for a couple days, same here.

I fought hard now for five years. I started in total depersonalization, empty, desperate. I saw the world through a lens so thickly bleak I felt …

I don't want to grow up. I don't want to stay young. I just want to be me forever.

Age. Who we should be. I won't live that way ever again. I will not let my preconceived notions of age determine how I see people.

I will afford others the freedom to play with how they feel. To sometimes act child-like. And other times act as a protector. Or …

Injection prescription

So, I managed to convince the people at my doctor office I can stick myself with a needle at home, thank you very much. So now I can!

It's been a while because I spent a bunch of days in bed in pain. Hating life a little bit. But I am on the rise now that I got more Estrogen in me. Funny thing about that.

I am fine. When I am not fine I'm learning something

This mantra is a choice. A reminder to never let the bad become who I am.

I am fragile minded still. I can admit that. Something that stills tries to make me feel inadequate, unlovable. I have so many habits built on my past life weighing me down. Every time …

3y & 4m into Hormone Replacement Therapy

My time with HRT has been volatile and blissful. A major shift seems to have occurred recently in changing to injections. Hopefully recalling my story will help me better understand my own history.

I injected myself today!

Yesterday I got my second shot of estrogen. I stuck myself with the needle!

Only one more visit with the doctor before they will let me do this on my own. I cannot wait. I am so much happier dealing with my pain when I am not taking the pill three or more times a day that makes me hurt more.


I am not my body. I am not my thoughts. I am something more than this.

This may not seem intuitive. But I'd like to unpack this and describe how this has been valuable for me over the last few years.