Today was a clean day. Plus a small performance.

Oh yes, laundry, shower, clean dishes. Prepping myself to get on the road for a couple days.

I chose the best spot in a parking lot, with the best shade, protecting from the sun. This morning may have been the first time I woke up and forgot where I am …

A helpful pelican configuration file

When I was beginning to learn Pelican, it benefited me intensely to copy down all the setting options in one file. This way I could see what I could do. Feel free to copy this and use it yourself as you begin to play with Pelican

Fear is the only Sin

Today I went to a small park to hang out and play my violin. I found a great shady spot and was totally alone. So I thought.

An adult couple were lurking around the building, and decided to lurk closer so they could listen (apparently). Not long later a car …

Back on the road

So I finally left where I was! But likely because I overstayed my welcome. Spending over a week in the same 5 square mile area will bound to get you noticed and the cops hanging around. They did just that. So I bounced.

I drove 10 miles north! I slept …

Happy Birthday Vanessa

Today marks the one year anniversary of Vanessa and I being together.

In a year we have managed to see lots of places from Key West Florida USA, all the way north to Halifax Nova Scotia Canada.

Vanessa is a 2002 Freightliner Sprinter High top Wagon Red 140" Wheelbase with …

Version 1 of this website

I have put a lot of effort into making this website over the last two weeks. I spent most of my time working on it because I'm a little depressed and trying to avoid the real problem.

Here's some interesting tidbits about it.

Dynamic image size loading in Pelican using javascript

I don't really know what to call this. But for the background images, I load the smallest size that fits close enough to the height of the page. Hoping to save bandwidth for mobile users.

Using WebAssets in Pelican to serve small css files

I cared a lot about mobile bandwidth usage. One of the things I focused on was condensing my css as much as possible.

Adding SoundCloud embed widget to Pelican using Jinja and Javascript

Another little project that took me a while to figure out was getting a SoundCloud widget on the page without loading right away. This is tricker than I hoped and I wish there was a way I could do this without Javascript. I am sure there is a way, but I have not found it yet. The secret may lie it a:target selector, but we'll see.

Using Tables in markdown with Pelican

This is a small silly one, however when I first tried to use Markdown tables, they did not render in pelican.

Laptop charger amperage tests :)

So I got that new DC plug for my laptop charger a couple days ago. And I finally figured out how to use my multimeter properly so I can measure the amperage cost of using my laptop.

I should probably also learn the math as to why this is, but …

I saw a cool pickup truck.

Thing was sweet. Kangaroo lift, monster offroad tires and a slick color. As luck would have it I was in a good enough mood that when we hit a red light next to each other, I rolled my window down.

He rolled his down.

"Hey I just had to tell …

I finally got a 12 volt power cord for my laptop! and my starter battery died xD

So fun thing. I totally lucked out yesterday when I got up from my laptop to realize the van battery died! Someone was around almost immediately to jump me :)