Mandarin Riverfront Jax FL [rise]

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Riverside Jax, FL [rise & set]

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I'm sick, but I met someone new anyway :)

Just a head cold. Whatever. So I only got 3 hours of sleep, went to a park, showered, and watched the sunrise. It was very nice. After some time reading and airing out Vanessa I rolled over to Riverside where I was to meet this new person to go to …

Kinder Joy candy

I saw this, and I had to buy it. The Kinder Joy.

My Review:

Creme is more like Cadbury in consistency but less gritty. Flavor is fine? Chocolate underneath has chocolate flavor

Crunch balls are crunch, kinda like normal wafers and mute chocolate creme inside. If I had again I'd …

A new category: Sun

I take a lot of sunrise and sunset photos which I think would be better off placing in their own category. Simply post up the photos and go. Then I can search through them easier. And view simply all the sun(rise|set) goodness that fills my heart a glow …

Reunion with KC, overcoming fear

I wandered. At first I went west with my friend. Then I said, see you later. I hitchhiked, rode freight trains, and walked. At one point I Wasn't even using a sleeping bag, I just wandered, well I was coherent. I wasn't necessarily looking for the universe to prove it …

Amelia Island

Smells. In fact, a lot of Florida seems to smell. But Fernandina Beach was by far the smelliest. Phew!

Well I drove around the island a bit, and sunk a bunch of time a Peters Point. Played my violin. Read some stuff. Ate some food. I think I fell asleep …

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter"

Martin Luther King Jr.

Days of saving are over

I like this, but I also want to pick it apart.

If I am bedding with someone who inspires growth in me, how will I determine if this person is trying to save me? IS it okay to bed with someone who IS trying to save me?

The implication I …

The last few sips

It ended slowly.
Coffee cools the fastest when we're least interested.
The last few sips arduous, obligatory.
Didn't mother always say finish your plate?
How rude to the universe lest you be grateful.
Didn't Oliver teach us wanting more was forbidden?
How rude to the universe lest …

I am 6 months real now

Fuck I hate being real.

Six months now I have pushed, shoved, cried, tried, fallen, and gotten back up. I have changed a lot, discovering more of who I can be and stepping outside my boundaries. Let me tell you. I hate it. I would much rather be pain free …

National Museum of the Marine Corps

This was a tough museum to walk through. It didn't even feel like a museum to me. A lot of things hit me as I walked through.

For one, I felt my own limitations all around me. I am physically unable to make it through any boot camp. Maybe I …

Dinner with my bro and grandmother

Last night, as we prepare for dinner, my brother asked if I had a nicer shirt to wear. Apparently the place was on the fancier side. And sure it was! I rummaged through my clothes thinking I don't have formal clothes!

But wait! You doofus! You have some dresses... lol …