What can I focus on to keep recovering?

I know I address this in different ways periodcially, but here's another list which might inspire you to keep working your way towards recovery:

  • Get a quality therapist who's aim is to reduce suffering
  • Research the topic of anxiety & recovery
  • Create and maintain a list of Life goals to direct …

Banner Comments +

So, in style of getting back into code, I made an extension for Visual Studio Code. Well I rewrote it.

It is an exentions which allows you to convert text into ASCII fonts!

I use these kinds of fonts in large comments to help segment my code for easy parsing …

Coping with negative emotions

Quick tip here. We all experience thoughts about negative things. This can range from guilt to shame, to suicidality. Yikes. For someone like me, where I spent years allowing suicidal thoughts exist in my mind, it can be tough to not let them win. Here's my way of releasing those …

Time to fix those bearings...

A while back a mechanic informed me I will need to repack my bearings in my front right wheel. Now is the time.

I've begun making sound and I've scheduled to get that repaired. I hope they can repack and reseal, but thankfully it's not that expensive to do 😁

The Power of Vulnerability

Face everything in life with courage.

Why the Stories We Tell Ourselves Shape Us

I dare you to try a new story out 😈

On finding a new van

A few weeks ago I began the chapter of finding a new van to live in. It has been very difficult. And since I have such a specific need, my options are very limited. The stress and challenge has been consuming my attention and energy which is why I haven't …

Where do I start?

You're trapped. You feel you cannot get out of this hole you are so deep in. When you're down here, at the bottom, what does it take to get up? How do you begin?

Becoming code again?

Alright, so in getting sucked into my old support group again, I have added responsibilities to my plate instead of removing them. Ugh. What am I doing?!?

Well it's not so bad. I guess it makes sense I would return despite my distance because I am alive. So how does …


I didn't have to shut my eyes 
I didn't need to tell those lies
I should have been more honest
with myself

Caught staring beneath that light
Wishful thinking, I'll be alright
I should have been more honest
with myself

My world may have gone a tumbling …

I drew some pictures for two people today

I need to get away from the internet, what can I do?

Hate how you spend all your time in front of computer screens or on the internet wasting time? Here is a list of ideas you can peruse for inspiration. Some of these are quite unconventional. Read carefully.

  • pluck all your body hair with tweezers
  • practice moving one eye but not …

Are you a failure?

Or do you simply believe the thought that you are a failure? If you HAVE failed in the past, can you not find ways to get better so you don't fail the same way again in the future? Failure is common but failure only comes knowing you didn't try your …