And on and on

Stand in a majestic grove of tall pines.
Endless trunks surrounding
a blanket of burnt orange needles.
far apart they seem,
but this grove's depth eludes you.

The sun wrestles to peak it's way
through the dense fir
but the basking heat muscles it's way through.
The …

A comment on recovery

Three and a half years since I said "enough". Just over two years on hormones. I finally feel.. grounded. I am no longer plagued by intrusive, self debasing thoughts.

I worked my spirit so hard during this time, confronting nearly every inch of my life. I devoured new information, about …


This universe is free,
to experience any kind of all kinds that it can.
Where everything is a remix of something else,
think elementally and smaller.
On top of all that raw abstract stuff,
the most complex, varied, and deep contexts occur;
human lives occur.

Impossible it seems, to be …

Luna Inanis Umbra

I suppose my new identifier found me. It's not letting go. Apparently I shall now be known as Luna Inanis Umbra. While purging some of my old things I came across a notebook in which I wrote:

I am not swayed by the 'sun'. Everyone is too afraid to stop …

Finding the girl in the reflection

A moment glimpsed in the slider door to the balcony of my sixth floor apartment. A girl blocked my view. She was on the phone with a friend who had just moved 600 miles away. It was one o'clock in the morning. She was pacing, brought out of bed by …