[poem] You are worthy.

You are worthy. You are strong. You can do it. All night long!

In the shadows, through the night. The sun won't rest, always rising to fight.

In harmony, it's tough to be, when you believe, you're unworthy.

but I see you different. I see you whole …

Questions from a year ago

This page from my journal really hits me as a great example of my dissociation. I am happy to be seeing such differences in my thinking as compared to a year ago. I really hope as I read through this journal I find the shift from DPDR to reality.

In …

Vanessa Failed State Inspection

I figured she might, but not for this reason. Apparently, both ball joints are "loose".

I was livid. I cannot afford something like that. Or maybe better, I don't want to afford something like that.

I zipped home and did some research. Immediately I came upon a document from Mercedes …

Get On With IT!

A phrase I used at the beginning to help push myself to keep moving.

David Foster Wallace - This is Water

Learn how to think

I started injections!

I always imagined being a girl taking injections. For three years my doctors would not switch from sublingual pills to injections. Never with good reason.

But today I no longer need to take pills 3-5 times a day. YES!!!

Route 100 & Pinnacle View in VT

Yesterday as I left Burlington Vermont, I stopped at a information rest area and the guy suggested I take route 100. Then I found an epic spot for sunset, so I spent the night there. Holy shit what a day.

This one problem. An old journal entry.

Intellectual Understanding vs. Actualized Integration. The process of normalization. Empathy as dissociation. Self awareness as dissociation. The ability to remove your conscious thoughts from the railroad tracks of your primary lifeline. Then jump back in with a fresh perspective.

I've spent too much of my time removed, dissociated. My challenge …

Burlington VT for a friend and nostalgia

Burlington is a familiar place for me. I went to see a friend before she left for California. And I got to see some of my favorite spots. I even went swimming! and got a sunburn :|

Look inside for pics :)

As in The Alchemist: Omens

The universe does strange things. And I decided to act on the messages being shown to me. I ran into someone I hadn't seen for two years. And I may yet alter my plans for this trip.

I went swimming!

In a new bathing suit. Something I picked and fits, mostly. This was a big deal for me. Around people I knew.

I only got ten minutes in, and then needed to nap for a couple hours XD but I did it! Barrier broken :)

You Got Out.

A new friend from the internet sent me the most lovely message which I had to condense into a new poster for myself. Thank you <3

Sunrise at a Lake in NH

I slept very little, waking at 3am. After a walk I sit here watching the sun rise by the lake. So this post is about yesterday but marked for today. Shock!

So I'm spending the weekend at a lake house which belongs to my high school ex's family. For the …