Finding KC for a third time

You might recall, way back in May 15 2017 I met a man at a park in nothern Florida. The conversation we had absolutely played a roll in me finding my reality only ten days later. Following up I luckily ran into him again at the same park in November …

Creating a css theme toggle

I finally did it! As you should see in the sidebar/header there is now a toggle which allows you to display a dark theme. If you have javascript enabled the site will remember your choice using a cookie. If you do not have javascript enabled the site will warn you that the choice cannot be saved.

Let me show you how I did it.

I know you can find your way back in

Look. I know this experience is fucking horrifying. I lived it most of my life. And for at least half of it I just wished I was dead, tried a couple times, and the only real progress I ever made in my life was when I thought "If I'm just …

Walking your own path

"If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it is not your path. Your own path you make, with every step you take. That is why it is your path." - Joseph Campbell

Not to be confused with the path you envision …

Taking a break from searching.

For months now my primary goal has been to try and find a new van to live in. I have seen many and missed out on a few. Now I must take a break.

This search has exhausted me. Given the time I have other things to take care of …

My theme song

Vanessa & Luna

I am getting better at not over-explaining myself.

Okay, I think I am learning the lesson more and more: You do not have to explain yourself to everyone. You don't need to justify your needs, your questions, your desires to every person. When I felt undeserving of everything I always felt I had to explain myself in order …

I am without steam

I am ever drifting through the days. I am tired of where I am. I am tired. I have so many things to do and I think I am nearing the end of life with Vanessa. Although every time I feel this I go on another couple months.

I have …

A jam packed day with a little turbulence

Today was a wild experience. A number of things happened which trickle into tomorrow, so some of this will be about new years eve day.

Jackonsville Beaches Pier [rise]

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Crescent Beach Park [set]

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Talking with a disabled vet

This afternoon, as I pull into a parking spot to check the squeal in my engine, an old gentleman approached on a bike wearing a military jacket. He was kind, hard to understand, and curious to help.

He openly talked about having cancer, living on a boat, being harrassed by …

Jacksonville Main St. Bridge [set]

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