North Carolina Railroad Museum

Another railroad museum!? Ya I know.

"What is real?" asked the Rabbit?

"What is real?" Asked the Rabbit one day, when they were sitting side by side near the nursery, before Nana came to today the room. "Does it mean having thoughts that buzz inside you and a stick-out handle?"

"Real isn't how you are made" said the Skin Horse. "It's a …

An update to my dissociation

This is a mess of a writing. I have been talking with others about dissociation. And I have been paying more attention to the role it plays in my life.

My violin is different!

Nut raised and whatnot New Bridge New Bow hair New Strings

The new strings, Zyex, were operatic, harmonious, yet howling. They sound great with legato direct sound. However spiccicato seemed impossible. The strings would squeal with my light touches. It was horrific.

I am backdating this post, but I played …

Gallery 5 art

Tonight was the first friday of november and apparently that is a monthly art night. I've heard of these before. Art galleries open their doors and alcohol is consumed while people roam from gallery to gallery hoping money is spent.

I wasn't feeling too hot. I ended up leaving and …

Halloween Parade in Richmond

I saw a parade. I didn't know what to expect. I thoguht it was just some bicyclists, not a full halloween parade.

Up front in the parade was a transmasculine person on stilts, topless, body painted with a trans flag cape written "Stop killing trans people".

I followed the parade …

Volunteering at an organization

This week I volunteered at an LGBT organization. This was the first time I volunteered like this. I am super glad I did.

It is difficult to know what to write here for I do not want to overshare.

I think I did well. I was given a task which …

Walking the National Mall

Today I walked all around the national mall. It was hard. It is big. And I was tired.

I am backdating this quite far with regrets. But I do remember some things about it worth sharing.

Potomac River, DC [set]

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First time with dry needling

Today, I cried and cried from pain relief. Just north of DC I had an experience with a Neuromuscular therapist who was recommended to me. He did some Myofascial Release therapy and dry needling.

Dry needling, or, Trigger point needling is when someone sticks an accupuncture needle directly into a …

Brothertiger - High Tide

depersonalization anthem

Will I keep this name forever?

I am faced with a government paperwork issue that will be much easier if I change my name legally. Another one of the issues I have been avoiding for my transition. So what should I do about it?

Going to a support group in Maryland

Something I appreciate from everyone I talk to about local support groups for transgender people is how important they are to finding a social circle. The support is nice, but having a place for us all to go so we can meet is invaluable.

Tonight I went to a support …