St. Augustine Beach Pier [rise]

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Orlando FL Resort [set]

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Downtown Orlando with a friend

We got food and walked around :)

Two days of comfort and I'm already unhappy

I am lucky enough to be spending the week at a resort. My mother shared her timeshare with me. It has a wonderful jacuzzi, shower, kitchen, bed, balcony.

I spent most of the day in bed playing a video game, watching tv, and eating only enough. So yeah, I'm bringing …

Orlando FL Resort [set]

Orlando Fl Resort [clouds]

MindBlown 2

Today was the concert. I can hardly believe it was real.

After attracting an older couple in a park nearby the venue with my violin and performing for them, I found a great parking spot. Cyrus rolled up and we chatted then walked up to the theater. People gathered, set …

The Rehearsal...

Rehearsal was amazing. I wanted to cry a couple of times. I met Joey, Lawrence, Will, Arlene, Rufus, Kila, Larcel. I listened to them and had fun. I danced. My turn it was rough and hard and I was nervous but got into it. And we could have done better …

A friendly deja vu

I met a new person and I felt like I already had met her. It was strange. And awesome. And I felt really comfortable around her. We hung out, went shopping, she showed me some music. Then i was really hurting in both ways, so we cuddled and did some …

Ringhaver park

I begun practicing the violin for this piece. Thankfully it is not long nor exceptionally complicated. I am learning it okay, but oh shit, most of it is in third or fourth position, on the E string. Fuck. But that's okay. I'm all over it. I will do great!

While …

Another friend

Two social plans fell through for today, so instead I met up with a different person. LOL. I am becoming popular? hahahaha.

IT was cool. I saw her house, her rats, she let me shower (so thankful!). After some salt and water we went out to Vanessa and talked for …

The secret to good hair in Florida: Don't use tap water

I made this mistake in the spring and once when I arrived in Florida. The water here is so hard or whatever, filled with sulfur, that your hair feels gross after washing with regular methods.

So I used some purchased water. Ya know, the millions of water refill stations at …

WHAT THE FUCK! I've been invited to perform my violin on Sunday!!!

Who KNEW good hair days could do so much! LOL

I was practicing my violin and a couple in the parking lot clapped after a song. Then after the next song. By the third song they had walked up to me.

We talked, I shared my story, I heard theirs …