Recapping my time in Boston

I have not been writing as much. I have seen this as a good thing lately. First time in almost ten years where writing has not been a consistent thing FOR A GOOD REASON. Other times I have faultered on writing was due to extreme depression. This time around it …

Outlive your Haters

What happens when you love yourself?

The Fells Bear Tower [rise]

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Fixing the new van's coolant leak

I totally lucked out. This coolant leak issue really concerned me. Coolant goes everywhere in the van and a leak could be minor or catastrophic.

So I added water to the system to fill up the resavoir. Then I got the engine hot, stopped an opened the hood to see …

2 vans to MA...

I can't get rid of Vanessa yet. I need a place to live while I get the second van rocking.

I had a friend fly out to the new van to drive both back to MA. It was a journey.

I was mostly exhausted and kept forcing us to stop …

I bought my second van!

Yikes. I am mostly intimidated and frightened by the whole process. But I feel fairly confident I purchased a van with much better guts than my first van. And! It grew up in South Carolina and has nearly zero rust!

2006 172k miles 140" WB 2500 High top

Windows on …

Risk Therapy: What I still fear

This theme of posts is really about what I fear. If I am afraid of it, doing it will feel like a risk. It is harder to se things I Am comforatable with as taking a risk. So I thought it might be a good exercise to write down what I still fear.

Real Day 3 (2 years)

Today I am two years a real person (thx DPDR). But I call it my 3rd real day, since the day I became real was so important.

The day I became real I had an epic dream showing me all my traumas and triggers waiting me in a panic nearly …

Risk Therapy: Talking with Capitol Police

Today I woke up to watch the sunrise on capitol hill. Being parked on the eastern side a lone block away from the capitol I decided to search for the right place near the building. As I began my walk I realized I would certainly come by some capitol police …

Risk Therapy: Asking for coffee help

This one I anticipated success, and felt confident about deploying it.

In a coffee shop bathroom there was an advertisement. It said something along the lines of "Coffee is not rocket science, and we can help you make good coffee". The ad looked like an old one as a way …

Risk Therapy: Asking for exactly what I want

I suck at asking for exactly what I want. Generaly my psychology says I do not deserve what I want. After all I am a disgusting tranny who is merely allowed to live for fear of imprisonment.

Today I told my myofascial therapist exactly what I wanted him to do …

Risk Therapy: Asking for A High Five

This is a fun one.

Tonight while I driving, I encountered an intersection with construction. The street I wanted to enter had two lanes, the outer one shut down for the construction. In the median between the opposing lanes a worker stood there as the light turned green. Approaching the …

Risk Therapy

I have been thinking a lot about This Jia Jiang's 100 days of Rejection Therapy. Get an overview at his (TED talk video). OR watch a playlist of every rejection

He specifically sought rejection by coming up with requests he hoped would be rejected. I love the idea.

My idea …