Real Day 3 (2 years)

Today I am two years a real person (thx DPDR). But I call it my 3rd real day, since the day I became real was so important.

The day I became real I had an epic dream showing me all my traumas and triggers waiting me in a panic nearly crying. I've never had a dream like that before or since.

Last year I had a party with some of the very important people who helped me find reality in the place I last tried ending my life. The first time I've had a party for myself in over a decade (?)

This year I am getting a tour of the Capitol building in DC. On the precipice of a new chapter thanks to medical professionals and the risks I've taken I am eager yup see where year three will take me.

Becoming real too me five years after over a decade of full-time dpdr, but a lifetime of dpdr qualities. At some point I finally found my fire to stop trying to end my life and instead start taking risks.

Fear is the original sin, if not the only sin.

You must overcome your fears to be real. You must learn to take risks, be vulnerable, and aim for something in the future.

Okay strong statement. But that's what got me there. Maybe this kind of thinking could help you get there too.

Please be well. In a violent, trying world the best we can do is fight along side it.

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