2 vans to MA...

I can't get rid of Vanessa yet. I need a place to live while I get the second van rocking.

I had a friend fly out to the new van to drive both back to MA. It was a journey.

I was mostly exhausted and kept forcing us to stop. I felt a bit dellusional trying to stay focused. The plan was to get to the first RMV and register the new van. We got to the first one and found out this branch does not do registration. DOH. So we go to the next one only to find they don't have a printer service like other RMV locations and its already past 4pm. Dejected and beat up we decide to chill out and not fight to get it done. Instead we get dinner and pack out to the house the van will stay at while I have 2 vans.

A brtually long day with a disappointing ending.

Some things I felt and experienced during the drive:

  • Great acceleration, feels clean and smooth.
  • Suspension is awesome despite apparently being original
  • Idling rough(?) concerns me, need info
  • Rear door locking mechanism failed on me!
  • recorded 32.263 mpg ! while Vanessa got 26.912 mpg
  • Can't wait to fix the TCU issues, I can live without AC, but not hot air constantly pushing!
  • Weird being in white versus red

Okay time to go lots to do.

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