Risk Therapy: Talking with Capitol Police

Today I woke up to watch the sunrise on capitol hill. Being parked on the eastern side a lone block away from the capitol I decided to search for the right place near the building. As I began my walk I realized I would certainly come by some capitol police and I would talk with them.

The first one I encountered was a young man standing in front of the supreme court house. I asked if he knew where good sunrise spots would be. He didn't know the area well. IT was also clear to me I had less anxiety and more will over the situation than he did. I wondered what kind of training he had and how capable he would be. If he could have that job could I? What are the requirements?

Moving towards the capitol I found myself gawking at the immense building. While scanning its huse length I saw more bodies in gear than I expected. Since it was me and them and there were no other humans around it was a bit intimidating. I knew they were watching me and I them.

First I stopped at the right side of the building where a police hut was located, as well as a few officers. IT took a minute for me to muster the courage to go talk with them. But I wanted to break the ice. Maybe they knew of better spots. They didn't. But what should I expect from the average person? Whenever I spoke with more than one at a time, one always seemed to chirp up and handle the conversation. I appreciated that. Also since I was only interested in banter and maybe some advice.

But I felt like I got much more than that. There was something interesting about knowing they were scrupulous of me as I them. And I could be more disarming than they could of me. I knew they carried guns, had training, and if threatened would like come down on me hard. But I could hide my nature from them, being as pleasant and kind as possible to suck information from them.

At one point I was walking the length of the building looking for the right spot. At least four officers gathered near the end with construction. I felt their eyes as I passed by, probing me for my intent. I was glancing around a lot and looking intently around, but never at them or at any doors to the building. Then I doubled back and I finally gave them a good glance. I wanted to see what they did how they looked, their stance their energy. As soon as I did one called out from rather far asking if I needed something. Instead of responding immediately I turned my path towards them and took some steps toward so I didn't have to yell the same, full well knowing it might be seen as intimidating. Pleasently, I informed them I was just looking for the best sunrise spot and all this was so fascinating to me. All the eyes of the group were on me, and we managed to mention the cooler weather and the excitement of summer before I disengaged, wishing them a well morning.

Not that I ever would or even could, but I considered for a moment what it might feel like if I myself had training. Were I capable of turning a switch and reacting to a threat with violence. I know I do not have that in me now. I have never created it. But speaking with the police charged with protecting our most important buildings really had me thinking about this. Life is violent. Violence never ceases. And were violence to visit me I would have no specific skills trained to protect me. Mostly because I think I would be willing to accept the fate and hopefully die.

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