Fixing the new van's coolant leak

I totally lucked out. This coolant leak issue really concerned me. Coolant goes everywhere in the van and a leak could be minor or catastrophic.

So I added water to the system to fill up the resavoir. Then I got the engine hot, stopped an opened the hood to see the most obvious leak ever coming out of the hose leading in to the auxillary water pump. Yeah these vans have two water pumps because the lines are so long.

Essentially, the screw clamp holding the hose on almost slipped off. And because the hose was not cut perfectly straight the clamp wasn't even totally around the hose. My first attempt to reseat it failed. The second time I totally reseated it properly.

I put water in the resivoir again and drove. Coolant low showed up again. I checked and no leak. So the thermostat must have opened and pulled in more liquid lowering the tank. I added more water. Things seem fine.

Interestingly, the transmission is also less noisy now. I wonder if coolant was never reaching the transmission and that effects the torque converter, or if I am overthinking it.

Anyway, I fixed my coolant leak all by myself. Now just time to do a flush and get it all back to normal. Super pumped about it.

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